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Our Farm 

Starting in May, we plant our vegetables, pumpkins and squash by hand and nurture them until fall, when they are harvested and sold at our farm market.

All of our vegetables are grown by hand the old-fashioned way from start to finish. 

We have vegetables picked and ready in our farm market to bring to you the freshest quality and taste.

Please feel free to look over our produce listing and contact us if you have any questions. 


     Our pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes ranging from large to small.

Choose the perfect pumpkin to carve, or a pie pumpkin to bake.

Pie pumpkins are surprisingly easy to bake and make all of your holiday baked goods even better because they are made with real pumpkin.

Cookbooks available with pumpkin recipes.


     Thought about making soup or trying a new squash recipe?  We have many different types of squash available, choose from your all time favorites, or try a new variety.    

        Acorn                   Hubbard     
        ButterCup            Lil'Dumpling
        ButterNut             Spaghetti
        Carnival               Sunshine      
        Delicata               Turks Turban

We will be offering  two new squash varieties this year:

    Baked Potatoes - Acorn variety that is bursting with sweet chestnut flavor.

    Mashed Potato - Low in sugar and has the look, feel and consistency of mashed potatoes when baked.

Cookbooks available with squash recipes.


How do you like your potatoes?  Baked, mashed, or french fried, we have many varieties to choose from to create your favorite dish.


           Yukon Gold

Fall Mums

    Make a color splash with an assortment of fall mums to spice up your fall decorating.

Plant in the ground or in a container to keep your fall landscaping looking fresh.

Fall Decorations

    Fall can be a wonderful time to get creative with outdoor decorating ideas.  We offer many different items for all of your decorating needs..

    Assorted Decorative Gourds
               large and small
    Indian Corn
    Mini Corn
    Bundled Corn Stalks
    Straw Bales
    Dried Flowers

Carrots and Onions
    Carrots nice and fresh.  Excellent when used in stew, or just eaten by themselves.

    We also offer two varieties of onions, Candy and Patterson.

Candy onions have a sweet and mild taste.

Patterson onions store well and have great flavor.

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