Welcome to Linstroth's Valley View Farm

"Fall Produce Our Specialty"

About Us

Come  experience a bit of the past at Linstroth's Valley View Farm, located  in the picturesque rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin.

Our fresh produce is hand picked to ensure quality and is displayed on  an array of antique wagons. Our reasonable prices are a reflection of  what you may have experienced years ago.

Add to that our many Heirloom varieties and warm personal service and we're sure you'll want to come back again and again.

Paul and Sharon  

Our Story

   Living  and growing up on a farm in Racine county as a young boy, Paul learned  about farming from his grandfather and father.  Paul's grandfather  started the family farm by growing a variety of vegetables for the local  market.  The farm grew, and Paul's dad continued the farm by growing  potatoes and vegetables.  Paul and his brothers helped work the farm,  and when he got a little older, Paul started his own greenhouse, growing  varieties of flowers and vegetables.  Getting his hands in the dirt  became a way of life, and Paul opened his first pumpkin farm to put  himself through college.

   After many years as a grower and manager for successful greenhouses,  the dream of running his own pumpkin farm lived on in his heart.  Paul  and Sharon relocated from Racine to Perry Township, and after a couple  of years living in the area, decided to give the pumpkin farm a try.   Starting the farm in 2007, the farm has been thriving ever since.